Here at MFC, our goal is to be the best company that WE can be. It’s what drives us to constantly find ways to improve our processes, expand our knowledge and generate creative solutions to the many problems we run into every day! It permeates through each one of our team members and is reflected in our work. Whatever type of project that we are working on, we consider it to be a privilege to be at YOUR service. Each project, service call, Email or phone call is a new opportunity to prove to you why we are a great company to work with, and for, and that is something that will never be taken for granted. Because we recognize that there are many great General Contractors, Construction and Facilities Companies in the world, our goal is to always treat people well and do the right thing every time to make sure that our customers never need a reason to find another company to do their work. Our teams are put together to handle whatever our customers throw at us! Great Team’s can get to unthinkable heights when they work together with a common goal as their guiding light. Our team is truly unique in that we genuinely care about one another, from the top down, and because of this we consistently support and push each other to greater heights. Together, through the many different projects, service calls and experiences, we become better and better partners to work with every day.

Overtime we’ve built a trusted network of Subcontractors, of varying sizes and affiliations, to be able to handle anything thrown our way. Not only do we have the relationships to get the best pricing for our customers but we have the trust in our teams to accomplish whatever we need, whenever we need it, and that’s service to you. Our team anticipates problems before they become hassles, delivers upfront communication, and exceeds expectations. We have always viewed construction as a Team Process in which the requirements of all participants must be managed to deliver the desired outcome.  For the client the desired outcome is a quality product delivered on time and within budget.  Our professional staff has both the experience and skill to deliver the best possible product, in the most timely manner, and with true concern for cost.

When the situation requires, Our team of Project Managers and Superintendents can creatively value engineer projects that will allow you to save money, time, or Both.  We can target schedule problems in the design phase and help to resolve issues before they become bigger issues in the field. Our experience allows us to roll out of new concepts and designs for our customers so they can gain market advantages by opening locations before their competition can. Our experience has also allowed us to creatively schedule and phase projects to be completed around an operating business. We work with both the construction and operations teams of our clients to phase and coordinate strategies that will minimize the impact on your staff, customers and the overall traffic pattern of your location.  Whether the project demands night work or around the clock staffing we do what it takes to make your schedules happen.

As MFC has grown so to have many of the key team members. Many of our employees have started with us and grown and moved up the ladder as different opportunities have arose. We believe in promoting from within and allowing people to personally grow, further allowing the company to grow!

Ronn Nelson • President

With over 15 years of Facilities and Construction experience, Ronn’s success has always been in being able to put together the right team to accomplish any task. In the early days of Midwest, his creativity and drive were what pushed the company to have a lasting impression on clients and is what gave us a competitive edge against the competition. In the beginning, he was a dedicated laborer assisting handymen and technicians but when an the opportunity arose to run the Facilities Department he jumped at the chance and laid the groundwork for what we have today. Because of the success of the Facilities work he and his team were doing he was looked upon to bid more complex renovations and TI Buildouts which opened the door for the Construction Department being what it is today, some years later. Outside of work, Ronn and his better half have a combined 6 children and he enjoys playing hockey and watching his children play their respective sports.   

Chris DeRama • Director of Construction

Chris brings over 25 years of construction experience to his current role as Director of Construction. Having been a Carpenter for a number of years, as well as a foremen, when he came to Midwest he excelled at being a Superintendent. He consistently delivered projects on time and with minimal to no punch list. After some time in the field he Progressed into a Project Manager and his success continued. After a realizing that his heart was in the field it was determined that he would be a natural fit as Director of Construction. His ability to communicate and make the right decisions in stressful situations allow him to be the ideal person to run the construction department. He oversees all of the Project Managers and Superintendent Staff setting the tone for HOW Midwest Projects are setup and executed so that the Company Standards are consistently met on a project by project basis. Outside of work, Chris has a wife and a son and enjoys working with his wife on their Horse Farm and watching his son Competitively jump their horses. He also Dabbles in fishing from time to time.  

Nathan Lambes • Director of Business Development

Nathan brings 20 years of construction experience to his current role as Director of Business Development. He has a deep understanding of the importance of clear and prompt communication with clients and employees alike.  His commitment and dedication, to the success of each job, can be seen in the quality of his work. Building strong, lasting client relationships and providing a quality product are what drive him and the success of Midwest Facilities and Construction. Nathan comes from a family of entrepreneurs going back several generations so when he left his family’s residential construction business and began his career in commercial  construction, he did it with a drive and passion to deliver projects that weren’t of the norm. Creative scheduling and pushing the envelope of what could be done were the standard and he continued that trend to becoming the Director of Business Development. Having been a key element in the field and in the office He can assure existing and new clients that he knows what it takes to deliver a Midwest Facilities and Construction project. Outside of work, Nathan has a wife, 2 daughters, and a black lab.  He enjoys spending time outdoors, following his favorite sports teams and fishing.

Tim Fick • Director of Facilities

Tim brings over 20 years of Construction Experience to his role, as Director of Facilities. He oversees the Facilities department and also mid-level renovation projects. His Department also oversees all Roll-Out projects that may arise for our customers.  He started out in the field as service technician prior to transitioning into a leadership role, which he has been in for over the past 6 years.  He knows how important good communication and quick reaction time is to the customer and has built great relationships over the years by providing both to his clients. He also knows how to resolve many different situations and has built a stable of reliable teams across the entire Midwest to ensure that emergencies are handled correctly and as soon as possible.  On his off-hours, Tim enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and 2 kids and occasionally visiting the local fishing hole without his wife and 2 kids.